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Thursday, May 02, 2013

Depressed Pangs

I just wonder where you are tonight,
And if I could have done anything to keep you by my side.
Where are you now? Are you avoiding me on purpose
Even if I swallow my pride to talk to you
Will you even respond to me.

Nights like these I wish you were right here with me.

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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Crazy Holiday

So the past four weeks have been my semestral break... I still find it a little bit unfair that all we get is four weeks for our longest break, while the people in uni get a whole four months. Life isn't fair. But that's the way it is. Anyway, for keepsake, I will write down what I did during my holidays, or what I remember of it, heh.

Most of it was spent driving, since I had my driving test on that Friday, which I passed! Thank goodness. Also went to town to meet Vivien and Farhan, and I watched Katy Perry's movie with Farhan on Wednesday.

Happy about my pass from driving, I don't really know what else I did. Oh, I did start on The Vampire Diaries though, it's an amazing show! So exciting; I finished the entire season 1 in two days. On Monday night I met my friend to eat ramen and milenia walk, and also to catch Step-Up Revolution. It was quite a nice movie, the dance moves were really good! I really don't remember much about this week, probably obsessed with watching vampires on my laptop haha.

This was a busy week, I know I went out everyday. On Monday I went to USS with JJ, Lipin and Alan. It was a fun fun day, sat at the roller coasters oh gosh the feeling of my intestines knotting together is so scary, yet so thrilling. On Tuesday I went to meet Jeremy, our long-awaited catch-up!! I am so happy to finally see him again. :)) Then I went to swim with Nicol. From Wednesday to Friday, I went for my class chalet, but not before meeting seeyue and minfeng at nus for breakfast, and then following minfeng to ikea. The chalet was....not what I expected at all. Oh gosh it was so different from the chalet that we went to the previous semester!

We came in three parties. When the first party arrived, they asked the second party to buy those solutions that mop the floor, another one to clean the toilets, buy dishwashing liquid, air freshener. When the second party arrived, we called the third party to buy towels and wet was that filthy. Okay but this is the damn loser part. After the end of the chalet the uncle that came to check everything told us there was a cleaning service. Wts. But in the end we consoled ourselves, telling each other that we did a more thorough job than them. lol. The entire place smelt like musk and whats worse was that we couldn't open the windows, because all the mosquitoes would get in. Seesh. At our BBQ, within five minutes we headed out to buy mosquito coils and repellent and hand soap. Boo. We cooked too much food, had too much aircon, and the next day we realised we overshot our electricity and so on the second day we only used the fans and lights when necessary, and only slept with the aircon at night. haha.

On the second day, we all went cycling around Pasir Ris. Wheeeeeee. Cycled to Changi Village to eat, and when we came back, we were all so bushed. Though we had less people, I guess this chalet was still fun, although I did come back with extremely smelly hair :(

Monday, I stayed home the entire day to watch TVD S3!! And also to do up my itunes, and just basically have some time to myself.
On Tuesday, I went to school for CE prep, and went home. Went out to meet JJ for dinner before going for handbells.
On wednesday, I met Judith for breakfast!! :) It's been so long, feels GREAT to see her. After that I also met Nat and Jo for lunch at NUS, it was also a good time of catching up. Grateful for this short break.

and now, it's time to go. till later!

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Thursday, August 16, 2012

Same old fears

I feel myself slowly sinking into depression.

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Friday, June 22, 2012

Lazy Friday

Today I had a very lazy but nice Friday morning.
Went to swim with Jo-Ann at the Pioneer pool, I like going there even though it's so obscure but because it's obscure it's not that crowded, and the toilets are also clean! Heh heh. After showering we went to my place to chill; we were supposed to watch Mean Girls after our htht, but halfway while watching the movie, my sister loaded Running Man on her laptop so we just watched it over our lunch. Halfway though, she fell asleep. Hehe. But it's okay :) 

After she slept she went up to try on a few outfits for Nick's grad parade, but she got too lazy and decided to smarten her outfit by...tucking in her shirt HAHAHAH. To her defence she did look a bit better :) hehe.

My night was really terrible so i don't really want to talk about it, but Im glad I got to spend some time with Jo today. When school reopens I guess I will no longer have as much time to meet her. But that's okay, I know she still loves me. And I do, too. :) 

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Monday, June 18, 2012

With friends like these, who needs enemies?

Mood: Annoyed
Music: Christina Perri - A thousand Years

I know the music right now currently does not suit my mood, but that's only because it was a random youtube link and once I start playing this song I can't stop. Hah. Just one of my weaknesses. That's not the point.

The point is this. How can someone be so annoying?? I mean, you know I care for you in more ways than one, and yet you still do this to me. Maybe because you do know. What can I say. I tell you a simple thing like how I'm bummed I stay so far away from school. Instead of being encouraging like "it's okay, you can do it, it's only for a while more" or "just bear with it it'll be over before you know it" you come and tell me shit like "well you chose it so just live with it" I MEAN DOES IT HURT YOU TO BE MORE ENCOURAGING? Okay forget it. I know you're gonna say if I wanna hear what I wanna hear I might as well just talk to Siri. You study business, I'm sure you know communications. I'm sure you know about empathy, or at the very least, sympathy. Yet. You still show me none. When I needed it the most. Why? I guess those skills you learn only apply to your clients? Wow.

Sometimes I don't even know why I'm holding on. For what? It will end up to nothing in the end. I know it will end, eventually. I just don't want that day to come. Meanwhile, I'll be readying myself. Fight? No, it's time to learn to let go.

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Monday, June 11, 2012

wide awake at 1am.

"Where have you been, I've been waiting so long/to hear from you."

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It's always been a while

I update this blog really sporadically, every time I feel like I should say something about my life, there is so much to update I just get overwhelmed. Lol. Do I update about the major events? School? Friends? Or do I update about the tiny significant events that pepper my calendar? Whatever that is, I guess I'm going to try to make a more concerted effort to update more regularly so I will have stories to tell my grandchildren if I have them and if my blog still exists lol.

I guess I shall just start of with the things I'm doing in my life.

It's year two now, I'm currently having my term break. It really is just a break from school, but not from school work. Nevertheless, I'm glad for having this break, it's much needed, so I can not drown and attempt to swim my way back to shore.

Under the forceful words of my mother, I'm finally learning driving. I don't know whether I suck at driving, that's why I hate it, or that I hate driving and that's why I suck. Whatever the reason, I SUCK OK I CAN'T TAKE DRIVING EVERY LESSON IS A FUCKING PAIN IN THE NECK I KEEP THINKING I CAN DO IT BUT IN THE END NO I CAN'T DO IT. Keep getting scolded by the instructor I cannot brake properly cannot accelerate properly cannot turn left properly cannot turn right properly SIGH. Okay I am getting to emotional. Must stop already.

Currently taking a break from handbells, but I do wish to go back. I keep saying I cannot commit, but the truth is I always come home a happier person after each session. And I've made good friends there. It's like a small family, I like it there very much indeed. :)

I've come to realise that not all friendships can be kept or maintained at the level/intensity they once were at its peak. Right now I guess I'm just trying to maintain and build quality (not quantitative) relationships with the people around me. Namely, JingJie, Jo, Pamela, Qing... Okay that is about it haha maybe I need to build more relationships. I do miss my best friends though. Daniel, Cheryl, Seeyue. I wonder how they are doing.

And I'll end here for tonight, there is just so much I want to say, but not enough words.

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Friday, March 23, 2012

Better Late Than Never!

I haven't blogged here in forever!! But I guess that's what I always say when I come here because I HARDLY I wouldn't even be surprised if one day Blogger comes and shut down my blog because it was a dead blog hohoho. :(

But better late than never right? Now that I'm all (partially) grown up and not so innocent, every time I think of that phrase I think of my period. Lol. Which is what my mum always says, but in a very heartless way. How can she not care about meeeeee, I'm her daughter! Every time I whine "sian got my period" (because it means I don't have mood to exercise/eat/meet people and CRAMPS) she shrugs and goes "good what, if you don't have period means you are pregnant or sick." WHY SO HEARTLESS she has no idea how bad my cramps are. I know it seems little...12/365 days a year? BUT IT'S ENOUGH TO KILL ME OK.

Point aside. I guess today is a very blog-worthy day because...I went for my very class chalet!!!! And also because I was reading a lot of blogs and got inspired to blog a teeny bit more about my life.

So yesterday, on Thursday, met up with Vivien and we went to buy bubble tea first because of my sad craving, then the rest (Yuan Hui, Jun Bin, Leng Seng, Jasmine and HweeHwee) came and we all went to Sheng Shiong to stock up for our chalet!

Omg everything at Sheng Shion is like...damn cheap. One whole pack of tissue for $0.45?! Keep buying like mad cos so cheap. But it's where our auntie side all come out. We all bought the cheapest item. One bag of 1kg floor cost $2.50, then we wanted 2kg. But then I saw this 3kg bag of flour for $4.50 so I was like "wow, save money and still get more flour!" then I bought it. In the end only use I think 500g haha damn fail if I just buy one 1kg packet can save money. #ohwell

Our bill came up to about $84?? Super worth it for the things we got. Had lunch at KFC and then we had chalet!!!!!

Our chalet was at NSRCC at Tanah Merah omg it's super clean! I was always quite afraid of chalets ever since I went to Aloha Changi wtcrap the toilets there is just like public toilets nuuuuu. But the toilets here are so clean! Settled into our games groups, and off we went!

First group was called "Sure Bo" and the second group was called "better than yours" seriously -.- and when I announce the group must say "better than yours" first before saying "sure bo" aiyahhhh.
LOL the first task was teh get them to plan a music video of One Direction's One Thing, but halfway when we tried to ask the groups to come down so we can start the games proper, the door was locked! Then from under the door slipped this note that said "we will come out if you let us skip the video part" haha what assholes. They did some damn cheapo rendition when they finally unlocked the door hahaha it left me in stitches. My classmates are so hilarious <3

The first game they had to unscramble this tongue twister and recite it with three biscuits each in their mouth. Second game was a blind leading the blind they had to taste different teas and identify the tea! Hoho we damn asshole and put "green tea" and "green tea with honey" hehe. Third game was...idk sorry lol. 4th game had to use plasticine and guess a phrase and the 5th game was obstacle course! Line of the day "NO SHOW, NO GO!" the pictures are hilarious, can't wait for them to be up!

Then it was water bombs ahaha no rules just throw.

AND THEN BBQ HEHEHEHE Okay I have one picture from yuan hui:

Yeah man we how ownage. Resorted to name our charcoal fires by number, so that it's easier to communicate about which fire is dying. And then we all had our "favourite flames", viv was like "number 3 mummy loves you" ahahah what even.

The food was gooooooooood we had so much left overs. I swear I've never cooked so many hotdogs in my life?!?! And it was the first time in my life I ever stayed at the pit more than half the time. But that's cos I had wonderful classmates, who kept feeding us while we cooked the food! ^^

At night Liyana and Anna arrived and then we had this video presentation done by Sher and Zona! It was showing us some of the photos we took as a class (which is actually a lot, ha ha ha) and it was so funny! Love my class many many <3
After the presentation we watched Hello Stranger and The Orphan and some other show by 4am everyone died and only Priya Anna and I woke up to watch the sunrise, which was quite fail because we were blocked by trees and by the time we decided to get up and walk to a better view the sun had risen already -.-

A few of them left for the NYP talk and only a few of us remained. And we made smores for breakfast! Put chocolate Tiger biscuits spread with nutella and sandwich between our leftover marshmellows TASTE SO GOOD although my teeth started hurting after that because too sweet already.

After breakfast in which we all proclaimed we were full...we went to Simpang to eat more food because we all reasoned it's not often we go to the east lol and then halfway on the way home everyone wanted to bomb. Heng we all never do in the chalet if not can die so smelly haha.

Ending off with a picture of my entire class!! :D

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Saturday, January 15, 2011

Work and Play makes for Fun Days :)

Mood: Happy :)
Music: Jack's Mannequin - Dark Blue

Hello my week's been pretty good! I'm working at MGS now, as a lab technician but I'm stationed in the Life Science labs so there isn't much to do...I mostly sneak around to the chem lab and help the person there. My past two weeks have been great! Going out with friends and just enjoying myself. Gosh this is so fun...far cry from studying hehe. :)

Last Wednesday went to visit Jo and her workplace with Ashleigh we had free drinks free soup free muffins! Whoots whoots! Um then Friday had a class party but it wasn't that fun at all, Saturday met the SS at The Tea Party! We were laughing so much and's just so crazy laughing so much with them, they make my day every day! :')

Sunday I met Qingyi and KAP and I was supposed to help her with math...but then we started flirting with each other hehehehe!!! Nah kidding. We just ended up talking and listening to nice music and enjoying each other's company.

Monday I went out with a friend to watch Hello Stranger, second time watching it yipee wish fulfilled! When the DVD comes out I'm going to buy it...if i have enough money. Then my mum scolded me for going out too much...sigh.

So I was a good girl and came back for dinner the next few days! Took half day to go for Open House with Brandon, and he ditched me to give his brother a tour, so I went to watch harp, and then I found out that his brother ditched him HAHA IT'S KARMA :) Went to find Ashleigh after that and three of us walked around doing something like nothing, waiting for Clive haha finally saw Clive! And Judith too. Three of us went to eat some Ashley Naan thing hahaha I like hanging out with these people, they are very nice company indeed :)

Friday was Ching Sheng's Party whoots whoots! (the main reason why I'm blogging). Met Val after our work, and we were supposed to shop for CS's present but we couldn't find so we decided to give him cash. And realised my shoes didn't match my dress at all, so we went to buy a pair of shoes for me! (Val also bought a pair of shoes before that as retail therapy) But then we also realised that my toes were in really bad shape so I went for a pedi and she went for a mani!! :D It's so fun I swear.

At the party we just sat around, played Rock Band for the first time in my life! And drank a little bit....Gabriel was totally drunk, he just kept making weird noises. Val tried to get my drunk but I wasn't! In total control of myself man. :) Idk it was just loads of fun... Finally went back about 11plus.

And in a while I'm going to meet the SS again, I think this week's been pretty good, no? :)

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Tuesday, January 04, 2011

O h M a n

Mood: Disturbed D:

I just watched one of the most disturbing music videos of my life. And no I am not going to post it up here. When I watched it I was like, WTFFFFFF!?!?!??!?!

And after I've watched it, I'm like WTWTWTWTWTWTWTFFFF??!?!!?!!?
But okay I guess it was...a little interesting.
I've always wondered what it's like kissing a...girl.

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Mt Hermon

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Just because He lives."

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